Watch Roadies X1 Jodhpur Journey Full Episode-1

Roadies X1 Journey Full Episode-1:

MTV Roadies X1 8th March 2014 Episode 1 is out. Watch Online roadies x1 first episode in HD. You can also directly Watch roadies 11 Episode 1 Video 0n YouTube and DailyMotion. You can also watch roadies x1 journey episode 1 below.

After the Roadies x1 journey have started this is time when the Roadies x1 is going to start a new chapter of Roadies episode. Mtv Roadies x1 is reality show, which is famous and most watched serial among the youths of India.

Watch Roadies X1 Jodhpur Journey Full Episode :

After  Raghu came and make the Jodhpur journey full of twist and more hard for roadies contestants. Here we are uploading the Roadies x1 Jodhpur journey full episode 1, in which we can see that how Raghu makes the Roadies x1 Jodhpur journey with full of twist and action. First task of the Roadies x1 Jodhpur journey full episode start with amazing royal rumble between seven boys, in which all boys will have to fight in each other, who will be stand till last, that will be the winner. So enjoy the Roadies x1 journey full episode 1 from here.

Final Contestants Welcome In Roadies X1 First Episode :

This time in roadies x1 Raghu and Ranvijay have selected the total fourteen final contestants from the Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Pune through roadies 11 auditions and one contestant from Battleground 6. And finally they reached at the Jodhpur where they were welcomed in the rajasthani traditional style having music and dance.


roadies x1 wallpaper

roadies x1 wallpaper

Contestants Enjoying In Roadies X1 Jodhpur Episode:

Roadies X1 first episode has been shoot in Jodhpur. All the contestants were welcomed with rajasthani traditional style.After meeting each other all roadies got chance to show their dance move on the stage.

roadies x1 wallpaper

roadies x1 wallpaper

Jodhpur Roadies X1 Journey 1st Episode 1st Task:

First task begin with Royal Rumble fight between seven boys. And the winner will get first chance to select his partner in MTV Roadies X1 Journey. The Roadie who will loss the fight first will get the last chance to select his partner and battle started. They all targeted Mantek and send him out on first position followed by Utkarsh, Rishi, Raj, Sid and finally the last two fighter were Ajay and Nick out of them Nick throws Ajay out of the arena. Finally Nick was the winner and he has the choice to select any girl out of seven actually not seven??????.

roadies X1 episode 1 wallpaper

roadies X1 episode 1 wallpaper

Jodhpur Roadies X1 Journey 1st Episode Twist:

This is the first time in roadies history that their is no vote out. But we all knows Roadies is known for having twist at every stage. Instead of 7 girls their are 8 girls, one girl from roadies 11 Battleground 6. And the roadies x1 twist is : their will be only seven team having one boy and one girl in each team, so the last girl remaining will be out of the roadies x1 journey.

roadies x1 battleground 6 winner

Roadies x1 battleground 6 winner

Roadies X1 Jodhpur Journey Episode-1 was awesome having lots of fun, dance, fights, twists etc. Roadies x1 starts with great success of roadies 11  first episode. The next episode will be uploaded soon, for more information about roadies x1 all episode stay tuned to

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