Watch Online Roadies X1 Episode 4

Roadies X1 Journey Episode-4 Jaisalmer :

MTV Roadies X1 Journey Episode-4 is out on 29th of March 2014. We all aware of this fact that journey of MTV Roadies x1 has moved from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. You can Watch Online roadies x1 episode 4 in HD (High Definition) on given link below . You can also download roadies x1 episode-4 using downloader. You can also directly Watch roadies 11 Episode 4 Video 0n YouTube, and DailyMotion. The 4th episode of roadies x1 starts with the creation of new teams.

Watch Online Roadies X1 Episode 4:

Roadies has completed roadies x1 4 episodes and roadies x1 episode 4 has been uploaded above. Ride for respect has already began and 4th episode of roadies 11 started with the selection of new teams for roadies 11 episode 4. You can also watch online roadies x1 all episodes on the given links below.

New Team In Roadies X1 Episode 4:


In third episode of roadies x1 there was a girls ranking task between girls. The winner of the task has power to select one boy to make team for next tasks in roadies x1 episode 4. And after that according to rank girls have to select their team partner from boys. The new teams for roadies 11 episode 4 are as follows :

Roadies x1 team 1 : Charu and Sid

Roadies x1 team 2 : Taru and Ajay

Roadies x1 team 3 : Nick and Rishika

Roadies x1 team 4  :Palvi and Utkarsh

Roadies x1 team 5 : Meher and Rajkumar

Roadies x1 team 6 : Garima and Montek

Roadies X1 Episode 4 Immunity Task:

The first task in roadies 11 episode 4 was immunity task. In immunity task of roadies 11 episode 4 Roadies have to ride Hero Honda Impulse bike on a given track. Their will be bags placed on the track and roadies have to pick that bags while riding the bikes. The team which will take more time to reach the finish line will be the winner and safe from elimination. The winner team will get one advantage and both teammate also get one one Hero Honda Impulse bike.

roadies x1 wallpaper

Roadies x1 wallpaper

Roadies X1 Remaining Roadies :

After the elimination of  Anjali in roadies x1 episode 2 and Rishi and Nikhat in roadies x1 episode 2 the remaining roadies for MTV Roadies X1 are as follow :

  1. Charu
  2. Sid
  3. Taru
  4. Ajay
  5. Nick
  6. Rishika
  7. Palvi
  8. Utkarsh
  9. Meher
  10. Rajkumar
  11. Garima
  12. Montek

Fifth episode of roadies x1 will be release next week and it will be very interesting to watch. Please comment and be in touch with us in this journey .

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