Roadies X1 Final Contestants List

Roadies 11 Contestants List :

Roadies 11 is the 11th season of most liked reality show on MTV Roadies. In every season of MTV Roadies  roadies(contestants) are selected from different different parts of  the country through the auditions procedure. The auditions for roadies 11 has been over and are being telecast on television and internet. Roadies 11 Delhi audition was telecast on 25th Jan . This time in roadies 11 their are only 14 contestants and their will be no vote out. So all 14 contestants will complete Roadies x1 ride for respect journey together.

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Roadies 11 auditions were held in four main cities Pune,  Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi. Ahmadabad auditions were cancelled due to some security reasons. Final contestants for roadiesx1 has been selected. We have uploaded  the list of selected contestants for roadiesx1 below with their brief introduction.

Roadies 11 Delhi Auditions Selected Contestants List :

Delhi is always the city known for passionate Roadies fans! With a huge turnout of aspirants at the Auditions venue, find out who will get selected to Ride for Respect this season.As always this time also the crowd for Roadies 11 Delhi audition was huge. That is the reason maximum no. of roadies x1 contestants were selected from Delhi.Their are total 7 contestants selected for roadies 11.

Roadies X1 contestant Taru –Taru starts her audition with a negative outlook towards the country, elders and many other things but surprisingly it ends on a positive note.

Roadies X1 contestant Charu – Charu is a Government teacher by profession, an academic topper and also a politician in her college along with being an athlete. She has a problem with flirting on facebook and believes its a first step of cheating.

Roadies X1 contestant Rashika – Rashika is a 18 year old innocent girl , she like to tease boy around her. She loves her father but she was not able saw him last when he was died due to heart attack.

Roadies X1 contestant Garima – She is bold, optimistic, interesting,and talkative  girl.

Roadies X1 contestant Nick –Nick was facing personal interview for the second time. He was changed a lot since his last interview

Roadies X1 contestant Montek – Montek is an MMA wrestler and the judges put his strength to test.

Roadies X1 contestant Ajay – Ajay is a interesting man, full of confidence and wants to become voice of indian youth by becoming a part of indian pilitics.

Roadies 11 Chandigarh Auditions Selected Contestants List :

Roadies X1 candidate Anjali – Anjali is a physical fit, capable of dancing and an inhabited girl. She thinks she is wild.

Roadies X1 candidate Meher – Meher shares the story of her personal life and troubled relationships with the Judges as she gets a little emotional.

Roadies X1 candidate Utkarsh –A physically fit Utkarsh impresses the judges by using every prop in the PI room. He starts off by showing off his talents which “amaze” the judges and also goes on to share a little of his personal life.

Roadies 11 Pune Auditions Selected Contestants List :

This time in Roadies 11 their is only one contestant selected from Pune and he is Rajkumar.

Roadies X1 candidate Rajkumar -Rajkumar enters with an unusual get up of a black tika on his forehead. He talks a little about the positive spiritual changes in his life. Rajkumar is a self proclaimed ‘Gyaan Guru’ and Dancer. The Judges try to grill him enough to see if he really deserves to be a Roadie!

Roadies 11 Mumbai Auditions Selected Contestants List :

This time Roadies final interview was planned in Ahmadabad but due to security reasons the auditions cancelled and shifted to Mumbai ‘City of Dreams‘.

Roadies X1 participant Rishie – Rishie was quiet clear about his life and future. He thinks he will give good competition to all other contestants .

Roadies X1 participant Siddharth – Siddharth is a Martial Arts trained, cool short temper, with physical fitness.

Roadies X1 participant Nikhat – Nikhat is a selfish, liar and backbiting in nature.

If you have any query about any selected contestant feel free to ask by commenting below.

So these are the final roadies selected for Roadies  X1 . Hope they will perform better and lead to the grand success of the Roadies 11. For more information about roadies 11 selected contestants stay tuned to

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